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Bento Friday: cute Mickey Mouse bento box recipe

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Today we have a really sweet and cute bento box recipe: Mickey Mouse! If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, this bento box recipe is going to make your day! Don’t worry: it’s really easy to prepare!

Ingredients: boiled rice, nori, imitation crab meat, cheese, favorite veggies, an egg (if you want to include a small omelette as seen in the picture).

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Bento Friday: kawaii little devil bento box recipe

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Today we have a very cute bento box recipe: a little demon norimaki! In Japan we say: “鬼は外~福は内~,” (oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi). It means that demons are kept outside, but good luck is kept inside. So, we can state that also with food. With this cute bento box recipe you’re going to win your family’s stomachs! It is really cute and not so difficult to make.

Ingredients: omelette, nori, boiled rice, ketchup. (You can change the ketchup for another flavor, we use it to create the color of the little devil that you see in the picture).

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