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THE BATMAN: Day and Night Editions. A threeA x DC Comics collaboration.

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ThreeA and DC comics have release THE BATMAN Day and Night Editions! These two figurines rock! Thanks to the collaboration of threeA and DC comics we can now enjoy these two badass figurines! These are the very first figurines in the ‘Stell Age’ series. Both have LED eyes for you to enjoy every time it’s dark!

We start taking a closer look at the DAY version of THE BATMAN. It has mainly blue coloring and stands about 350mm (35cm) in height. He has over 50 points of articulation including the fingers. This means that you can put him in almost any pose you want and take lots of awesome pictures about him!


Let’s take a closer look at him!

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RARE 1960’s Batmobile Tin Toy by Masudaya


A rare tin Batmobile (or “Batman Car” as Japanese toy makers called it) made by Masudaya is being listed on Yahoo Japan Auction now! This is one of the many Batman Cars produced by Japanese toy makers in 1960’s after the hit of Adam West’s Batman series. The tin car is friction driven and a vinyl Batman figure.

masudaya-batman-car-rinkya-japan2 masudaya-batman-car-rinkya-japan3


(The battery is there for size comparison… the toy is not operated by the battery!)

This auction ends on January 5th, 2014 at 5:35 in PST.

60s Batman Battery-Operated Tin Toy from Nomura Toy

America’s classic superhero show 60s Batman TV series was very popular in Japan too. Lots of toys, comics (manga adaptations), and other merchandise produced exclusively in Japan were sold and marketed to kids at the time.

This Batman tin toy was made by Nomura Toy in 60s.
Nomura Toy made a lot of battery-operated tin toys, and this is one of them.
Batman walks forward, and his soft-vinyl face lights up when you push the button on his belt buckle.
batman batman2 batman3

Watch this video to see Batman in action! Pow!! Kapow!

The details of his face, vivid coloring, and boldness achieved from the shape of tin are particularly wonderful in making this Batman. The toy is highly desirable among Japan collectors too, and many people have already started bidding.
You can bid on battery-operated Batman tin toy by Nomura Toy via Yahoo auction too!

*Note about this item: Its original box is missing, so it will be just the toy itself. Batman’s face light doesn’t stay on all the time. It sometimes lights up and sometimes doesn’t.