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Attack on Titan Roll Cakes: Stab in Colossal Titan’s Weak Spot!


Priroll, a pastry company specialized in custom design roll cake is now offering Attack on Titan collaboration cakes! Whooping 13 different designs are available for order. Featured characters include Mikasa, Eren, Levi, and Colossal Titan.

1) Four Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cake Rolls.

You get to choose a cake with only one character (with different angle) or three of them all together! It even has dashed lines printed on it so you don’t worry about slicing your favorite character in half when you are cutting the cake. How considerate of them!





2) Three Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cale Rolls with Custom Message Sections



You can put a character’s quote in the blank section on the left of the character, or make your own message!

3) Three Designs of Mikasa, Eren, and Levi Cale Rolls with Custom Message Sections AND Custom Photos



This option lets you customize not only the text, but also a photo of your choice inserted in the cake.

4) Three Designs of Colossal Titan Cake Rolls



And lastly, Colossal Titan cakes. This one is great because it actually suggests you stabbing your knife in the Titan’s back of the neck, its weak point. It’s kind of gross but definitely the most creative cake roll so far. Below are two additional Colossal Titan designs.




Priroll has made Creamy Mami, Naruto, Bleach, and various Sanrio characters collaboration cakes in the past. Check them all out on their website!

Attack on Titan Colossal Titan Reversible T-shirt


You can be a Colossal Titan with this Attack on Titan t-shirt from Cospa!
There’s been many Attack on Titan t-shirts, but this one is full of playful ideas that no one’s ever thought of before.

attack-on-titan-reversible-colossal-titan-tshirt2 attack-on-titan-reversible-colossal-titan-tshirt3

It looks like an ordinary t-shirt, but when you flip it inside out…and put it on your head…



Why would anyone wear a shirt like that? Because it’s fun!

When you look close at the front of the shirt, there’s a tiny silhouette of Jean. A little detail like this makes a fan giggle.


It’s sold out on many online English stores, but we can order them directly from Cospa Japan, on demand! It will be $55.00 including all Rinkya fees, except for international shipping cost. This item is for preorder, so it will be shipped in late September, 2013.

To order this item, request an order from your Rinkya Store formbuy-now-button


Make sure to specify size (available in XS/S/M/L/XL) in the description section. For size chart, check Cospa’s website.

Auction Prices for Limited-Edition Attack on Titan UNIQLO T-shirts Soar After a Year from Their Initial Release



Popular apparel brand UNIQLO released a series of limited-edition Attack on Titan T-shirts in March, 2012. Back then, these t-shirts were sold for 1,500JPY a piece on retails, and some people on 2ch recall they got them on sale for half-price even.

Since then, Attack on Titan became the latest rage in Japan with introduction of anime series and flourishing in doujin culture. Consequently, prices on last-year’s t-shirts have sky-rocketed in used markets. On Yahoo Japan Auction today, the Revi t-shirts are especially sought-after and being transacted around $200-1000 range.





Some of the listings are purchased for more reasonable prices than others. It really depends on the timing of when they are listed, so if you want to get a good deal on it, use this link pre-set with correct keywords to easily monitor all new listings. Use our “Saved Keywords” function to save it on your account too! :)

There are 5 other designs for UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts too.

attackontitan-uniqlo2 attackontitan-uniqlo6 attackontitan-uniqlo4 attackontitan-uniqlo3 attackontitan-uniqlo5


These can be purchased for much better prices.
Browse all listings of UNIQLO Attack on Titan t-shirts from here! 


Attack on Titan Bento Friday (A bit scary?)

Happy Friday everyone!
This bento was all the rage on Twitter and Pixiv in Japan last week!

Take a look on the impressive Attack on Titan Bento.



I had no idea imitation crabs look so much like muscle tissues when arranged this way… And those scary teeth made with rice!

The original photo was posted by 笑子 on Pixiv. If you have a Pixiv account you can see the entire process of making this bento. It’s pretty awesome.

For all bento supplies, go to “Lunch Supplies” category on Rinkya.

Have a great weekend!