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Asahi Super Dry Creamy Can Server Ensures Authentic Japanese Style Head on Your Beer


Japanese people like beer as much Western crowds do, but they are notorious for giving extra large foam when serving from tap. They absolutely love the foam, maybe more than the beer itself, to the point that Asahi did a promotional campaign to give away this Asahi Super Dry Creamy Fan Server to ensure extra head even when you drink out of a can.


Watch this guy’s video to see how it works. It has “foam adding function” to give EXTRA FOAM after the pour.


He’s done pouring without any head…


Now the server gives extra head afterward.

It’s almost like an espresso machine. With it, you can taste authentic Japanese-style served beer at your home!
You can see how it has a slot to place a can in the back.

It runs on batteries, so you can bring it to camping and outdoors too!
You could only get the Creamy Can Server by having collected 120 stickers that came with Asahi Super Dry products and send them in. That’s a lot of beer to drink before being able to eligible!

You don’t have to go through the hustle, you can get Asahi Super Dry Creamy Can Server from Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya!

Enjoy! Kanpai!