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R.I.P Takshi Yanase, the Creator of Anpanman

Takashi Yanase, who created Anpanman, one of the most popular anime series in Japan, has passed away on Sunday. He was 94 and died of heart failure.


Yanase used to dance and sing cheerfully with characters he created. This photo was taken in 2005.

Yanase started out as a packaging designer for Mitsukoshi department store. After that, he switched his career to a manga artist. Remembering his experience during World War II, his most basic belief was as such: “a true hero is someone who helps people from hunger more than anything.” And that’s how Anpanman, a hero who shares his own bread, was created.

Yanase never stopped being creative until his last moments. Since August, he had been hospitalized due to bladder cancer, but he continued to give directions to the upcoming Anpanman movie in next year, as well as discussing ideas for Takashi Yanase Encyclopedia that’ll be published in November.

Rest in peace, Mr. Yanase. We will miss you and cherish the legacy you left.

Source: NIKKEI