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Black Butler Animate Café to rock February

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Black Butler Animate Café will rock February’s Valentine day. Animate Café releases a Black Butler-themed special menu for February, including a black burger. Black Butler is a famous anime (and manga) that saw its first adapted anime movie on January: Black Butler Book of the Atlantis. To celebrate this, now you can enjoy this special menu in two different locations in Tokyo thanks to Animate Café.

One of the main features is the Black Burger that comes with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, potato wedges, and a wafer. It has a black bun. You can enjoy it for 1080 yen.

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Work out with Anime Songs from January!

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Prepare yourself for working out with anime songs from January! A Japanese record company called King Records and an entertainment company called Kayac are set to launch their joint project Anison Fitness. Using anime songs you can work out and get thinner. There will be also a TV program from January 11 onwards. Its title is “Anison Fitness A-Fit,” and it’s set to premiere on Tokyo MX. Yuuki Takada, a 23-year-old anime voice actress is joining the cast along with Yakko (Q’ulle member), and 17-year-old CG character Sakura Asahina, voiced by Takada. Sessions will have five-minute series and 12 episodes.

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LoveLive! Sunshine Ice Bar for Xmas!

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What about a LoveLive! Sunshine Ice Bar for Xmas!? You can find them at 7-Eleven all over Japan. This new release can be found from December 6 onwards, for only 130 yen excluding tax. This ice bar has mikan & vanilla flavor and is wrapped in crispy and refreshing oranges taste from a sherbet. This is a great collaboration you can find easily thanks to bandai candy.

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Girls und Panzer x Nissin Cup Noddles Collaboration: get going!

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Girls un Panzer x Nissin Cup Noodles collaboration is here! The famous Cup Noodle of Nissin is collaborating with Garupan, aka Girls und Panzer, releasing a limited edition of their cup noodles from November 14. The collaboration gives anime merchandising along with cup noddles.

The packages of the cup noddles have a set of original designs. It comes with a set of six Cup Noodles, six posters and a bullet-shaped stocker. There are also three different cup noodles flavors. It comes with a wooden box to keep them and collect them. The limited set sells from 2500 yen excluding tax.

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Ghost in the Shell first trailer is here!

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Rejoice! Ghost in the Shell first trailer is here, and it’s introduced by no other than Scarlett Johansson. The two-minute trailer debuted at a Tokyo event on Sunday and Paramount Pictures is streaming it on their Youtube Channel. The video begins with Scarlett Johansson’s introduction.

The trailer is amazing and it features many famous scenes we could enjoy in Masamune Shirow’s manga inspired anime.

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Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard

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Detective Conan Curry from Village Vanguard is awesome! You can find this delicacy in Village Vanguard, a store with tons of amazing geeky stuff. Detective Conan Curry comes in two types: black criminal curry and brilliant white curry. Each of them cost 648 including tax, and are set to be sold from October onwards.

The black criminal curry has black pork curry. The pack has 200 grams, enough for one serving.

Detective Conan is one of the most famous manga (and anime) existing out there. Having the opportunity to enjoy Detective Conan’s curry is a total delight. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on it, do it! (Also, let us know if you are interested in getting yours.)

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo!

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Kirby Café to open tomorrow in Tokyo! Prepare for a cuteness overload with Kirby at the Toky Sky Tree Twown Soramachi. You’ll find the Kirby Café, and with it, super cute and yummy food featuring Kirby. This collaboration between Sky Tree Town Soramachi and Kirby will start tomorrow, August 26. The café has a great collaboration café menu plenty of Kirby and friends. This is to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Kirby’s birth next year.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

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Let’s preview the ED Song MV for Nagi Yanagi’s TV Anime Berserk

Let’s preview the ED Song MV for Nagi Yanagi’s TV Anime Berserk together! Push play on the video above and enjoy all the goodness of Berserk’s new anime music! Berserk is a dark fantasy manga written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. It’s set in medieval times, especially inspired in a dark European time. Two mercenaries, Guts and Griffith are the main characters of Berserk. If you love violence and exploring human nature in its highest and lowest realms, then Berserk is for you.

This video has been published on the official Youtube channel of NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. It’s just a preview of the new anime song for Berserk sang by Nagi Yanagi. The song is titled “Meimoku no Kanata,” or “Beyond Closed Eyes.” You’ll be able to buy the CD single on August 31. There will be two different editions for the same single: an edition with the first press limited edition CD jacket, and the regular edition. (To be honest, both jackets are very similar, the choice might come down on your favorite color scheme).

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Pokémon Go Craze: Pokémon Theme In 20 Styles Of The Late 90s

The Pokémon Go craze is creating a tornado of creativity around the world, like this video with the Pokémon theme in 20 styles of the late 90s. If you lived through the 90s, or if you like old times, this video is going to make you travel back through time. It’s funny, amazing, and at the same time thrilling. The 90s nostalgia is alive thanks to Pokémon Go. What once was super embarrassing, now is super hot fashion. Although, one must admit that some of the music styles of the 90s were rather peculiar.

Vincent starts the video with the original track, but soon the makes different variations of the theme, covering artists like The Beastie Boys, Bjork, Blink-182, Aqua and Destiny’s Child, among others. All in all, this is a great video for the 90s nerds.

Now the question is: how many Pokémon Go fans will use this as a soundtrack for catching their Pokémons?

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