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Work out with Anime Songs from January!

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Prepare yourself for working out with anime songs from January! A Japanese record company called King Records and an entertainment company called Kayac are set to launch their joint project Anison Fitness. Using anime songs you can work out and get thinner. There will be also a TV program from January 11 onwards. Its title is “Anison Fitness A-Fit,” and it’s set to premiere on Tokyo MX. Yuuki Takada, a 23-year-old anime voice actress is joining the cast along with Yakko (Q’ulle member), and 17-year-old CG character Sakura Asahina, voiced by Takada. Sessions will have five-minute series and 12 episodes.

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Great news! Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro on air soon!

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Great news! Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro on air soon! As you might already know, Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro is a Japanese manga series written by Iipyao and illustrated by Yujiro Koyama. For now, it has been serialized online on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ since 2014. It has also been published in Shueisha’s fashion magazine Men’s Non-no. Studio Deen has created the animated version for television, an adaptation that will see the light on April 10 this year! You might already know it too, but, Akitaro Daichi directs the anime (Studio Deen) and Daisuke Fujiwara composes the music.

So, what’s the manga about? The main character is called Agetaro Katsumata, a funny dumb guy whose family runs a tonkatsu restaurant. It has been doing so for three generations. However, Agetaro is an amateur DJ, and one day he has an epiphany. What if tonkatsu cooks and DJsare but the same thing? So, he decides to create an event at a restaurant.

TONE-CUTS GROOVE PROJECT has created a realistic promo video. You can see it below. [They’re including sounds from a tonkatsu restaurant into the project. It’s quite funny.]

When you fry a tonkatsu there’s a specific sound. So, they have captured it. They also included the tempo of shredding the cabbage. After capturing these sounds, they’ve assembled them for the music. Collecting the sounds from the kitchen isn’t an easy task. And many people might not realize how difficult was to put together the music for this project. But, it seems that they nailed it! What do you think?

Don’t miss the anime! It’s going to be fun!

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Image source: AnimeAnime

Bad News! Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends Anime Announces Indefinite Delay

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Bad news! Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends anime announces indefinite delay and also removes all stuff listing. Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends Official site has announced that the premiere that was planned for this April has been delayed without a new date on the horizon. Also, the screening that was planned for the ending of March has also been cancelled. It also has stated that the schedule will be announced in the future. However, news look pretty grim. Not only the whole staff listing has been removed, cancelling the premiere is really bad news, and we must expect no reactions from them in the near future.

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Mayoiga Original TV Anime Begins Crowdfunding to Support the Anime’s Production

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Mayoiga original TV anime begins crowdfunding this week to support the anime’s production. The staff of Mayoiga opened a crowdfunding campaign on Mukuake, a Japanese crowdfunding site. The project seeks to backers to fund around 3,330,000 yen so that the production can be made. At the moment, they’re offering five different village rewards.

  1. Bronze villagers (3,000 yen): backers get a digital character design, a wallpaper by email; they will also get an ID & pass to listen to the Web Web radio; and a digital starter book!
  2. Silver villagers (8,000 yen): backers get all the items of bronze villagers and their names on the credits in the Blu-ray & DVD Vol.1 (except rental versions); they will also get the script for dubbing of the first episode; and get a pass for a web event with talks with the main cast.
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