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Amazon Japan Hires “Goat” Employees For Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Amazon.co.jp announced their recent installment of 30-40 goats (yes, actual goats) to help mow grassy backyard of their Tajimi Fulfillment Center in Gifu Prefecture. These goats will be eating grass on 3,750-square-meter area of Amazon’s property, as well as providing pleasant sight for their employees from June to October this year.


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Unprecedented Combos? Banana Parrots and Mushroom Parrots Capsule Toys



Parrots are popular pets in Japan. To satisfy the love for parrots and Japanese people’s affection to weird things, toy company Epoch has released a series of capsule toys called Banana to Inko. (Inko means parrots in Japanese.) They are banana parrots.


Banana parrots come in six types: 1) normal banana parrot, 2) chocolate banana parrot, 3) banana cockatiel yellow, 4) banana cockatiel gray, 5) banana cockatoo, 6) banana chick.
As you can see, not all of them are actually parrots, and I have no idea why they are in banana peels, but as long as they are cute, it doesn’t matter!

There are also another weird variety called Kinoko to Inko. This one is a combination of parrots and mushrooms. Again, no idea why this is happening to these innocent creatures.



Mushroom parrots come in eight types: 1) Mushroom Parakeet, 2) Mushroom Parakeet Blue, 3) Mushroom Cockatiel Yellow, 4) Mushroom Cockatiel Gray, 5) Shiitake Mushroom Parrot, 6) Fly Agaric Parrot, 7) Shimeji Mushroom Parrots, and 8) Secret.

You can order banana parrots and mushroom parrots toys through Store Order features in your Rinkya account. Please note that toys come loose and without the capsules.

Rinkya price for a Complete Set of Banana Parrots: $32.00 (including all Rinkya fees except international shipping)


Rinkya price for a Complete Set of Mushroom Parrots: $90.00 (including all Rinkya fees exept international shipping) *Preorder for September release.

Black Cats Only! World’s First Black Cat Cafe in Himeji City



Black cats are believed to bring bad luck; such superstition is true in Japan too.
Despite their unfortunate reputations, there are many cat fans who absolutely love black cats.
If you are one of them, “Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Kuroneko cm-” in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture might be a perfect place to visit! This is the world’s first cat cafe in which the feline residents are all black cats!

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Weirdest instant ramen packages from Japan

Japan has a variety of instant ramen available in any supermarkets, convenience stores, 100 yen shops, etc. Some of the brands even made their ways outside Japan, such as Sapporo Ichiban and Maruchan.
When you go to some local areas, you’ll find some of the weirdest instant ramen on shelves. Here is a list of 14 weirdest ramen packages!

1) Beware of bears! Ripe’n’Dry Hokkaido Ramen


Just so you know, there isn’t any bear meat in this product. I assume Fujiwara Seimen, the maker of this ramen, used the bear image because Hokkaido is known as a home for many brown bears.
The ramen is supposedly very tasty, the noodle has been dried naturally for 3 days, and its texture is comparable to fresh ramen noodle.
Available on Amazon: salt flavor, soy sauce flavor.

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