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Alice in Wonderland Tea from Karel Capek: Alice’s Girls Tea and Alice’s Chocolate Grey

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Lost on what to give as Valentine present? What about an Alice in Wonderland Tea set from Karel Capek? There are two flavors: Alice’s Girls Tea and Alice’s Chocolate Grey. They both have Alice in Wonderland motifs, and all of them are super cute! Each set contains five bags and will sell for 594 including tax.

Alice’s Girls Tea is sweet and with strawberry flavors. It also has vanilla and tea from Sri Lanka. It has a very rich flavor and can be drank with whatever you like: alone, with cookies, cakes, etc.

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Alice in Wonderland Sweets from Ginza Cozy Corner are super cute!

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Alice in Wonderland Sweets from Ginza Cozy Corner are super cute! The famous Ginza Cozy Corner Sweet shop is releasing three Alice in Wonderland sweet sets with super cute package designs. Ginza Cozy Corner is releasing them on June 17 and the sales will be available till mid-July. Packages have different designs, but they all depict Alice in Wonderland scenes. These are perfect as presents and gifts. So, if you’re travelling around Japan during June and July, consider taking these back home.

Let’s take a closer look at them!

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Neo Blythe dolls: custom Blythe ~The Queen of Hearts~

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Today we have an awesome custom Blythe! Some Blythe dolls are just to die for, and this is one of them! We have the Queen of Hearts, inspired in Alice in Wonderland. She is regal, and she has a lot of work on her and her clothing. She is just amazing! Her eyes are also mesmerising! She wears a crown, and though she might look somewhat sad she is totally cute!


Let’s take a closer look at her!

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