SUPER RARE Dragon Ball Z Trading Card – Amada PP Card No.889/890 Full Prism

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards are packets of trading cards (directly competed with Bandai’s carddass cards) that used to be sold at dagashiya (traditional sweets shop for kids) and supermarkets in mid-1990s.

Today I found this pair of rarest of rare cards from Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Card Collection!

Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Full Prism Card No.889/890 w Original Mount Board


These cards are usually traded around 400,000JPY without the mount boards, but this item is fully complete with the original packaging and mount. Only 3,000 of them were made, and the only way you could get these cards were from finding lottery tickets in blind packets (if you happened to be lucky) to be eligible for a chance to win them.

The back of the mount board is very cool too.



Amada made total of 1,323 cards, numbered from No.1-1323, and these are No.889/900. To complete a collection of Amada PP Dragon Ball Z Cards, you need to have these cards, or otherwise it’s incomplete. Yes, this is a horrible nightmare for collectors but also very enticing!

Bid on Amada Dragon Ball Z PP Cards Full Prism No.889/900 now.

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