Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears Sell Out in 5 Seconds

German plush-toy company Steiff started taking pre-orders for Kumamon Teddy Bears on May 12th, and in everyone’s surprise they sold out in mere 5 seconds!


These special edition Teddy Bears (small bear being held by big bear above) were made in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character, Kumamon for limited production of 1,500 bears only.
If you missed out on it and still want to own one, there are already some showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction. Competitions are quite fierce, so act quick!
Search Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

kumamonteddybear05 kumonteddybear04


Steiff Japan’s representative explained, “such large response is unprecedented since Disney’s Teddy Bears.”
Kumamon has been selected as most popular local mascot character in past, but I suppose no one expected he would be this much of the rage! Go Kumamon!

Thanks for supporting Kumamon and Kumamoto!

Source: Asahi Shimbun

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