SONY AIBO the robot dog ERS7-M2 Pearl Black


In memory of SONY AIBO series… SONY’s support for AI robot dogs Aibo will officially end in March 2013. Since the first appearance of this cute, iconic, artificially intelligent pet in 1999, Aibos have been widely loved by people and given a great impact on our perspective and culture.

Although the production of Aibos have long been ceased, we can still adopt them through individual sellers. If you are interested, look through YJ sellerstofind the perfect robotic pet for you!


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SONY AIBO ERS7-M2 Pearl Black (2004)
This is one of the last AIBO models to be released from SONY. Pearl black coloring is shiny and pretty. Packaging materials, manual, peripheral accessories…, everything that came with it originally is there and in near-mint condition. Last tested by Aibo Clinic in summer 2012.

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