Shingo Araki, January 1, 1939-December 1, 2011

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. Still timeless. Prolific words from
Disney in Cinderella.
Dreams. Dreamers make the world a better place. Dreamers reach for the
Stars and Imagine a world without boundaries. It is how I was raised and
how I try to live my life.
Shingo Araki is gone. The world has lost another legend and Japan has
lost another dreamer this week. In Italy and France children watched
the animation art of Shingo Araki in Devilman, UFO Robo Grendizer/
Goldrake, Cutie Honey and Rose of Versailles. In America, children fell in
love with the animation art of Shingo Araki in Saint Seiya, Heathcliff and
Inspector Gadget.
Shingo Araki opened a door in Japan that the world walked thru. His art is
forever a part of our minds and our souls. His vision changed our world: the
way we see and feel on our way across the universe.
Doomo Arigatou Gozaimashita, Shingo Araki Sensei
With tears in our hearts, we say Sayonara…..
Heather Russell, Rinkya CEO

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