Scariest Haunted Attractions in Japanese Theme Parks (Horror Image Warning)


In Japan, haunted houses are as popular of an attraction as anywhere else. If you want to experience some of Japan’s most unique haunted attractions, here is a list to guide you!

(*Some of the images are quite scary. If you don’t like horror, I recommend you not to read further!)

1) Senritsu Meikyu


Senritsu Meikyu (The Shock Labyrinth) at Fujikyu Highland is the largest haunted mansion in Japan. The entire path from the start to the goal is 900 meters long, and it generally takes 50 minutes for visitors to go through it (There are no guided or correct paths to take, so visitors have to figure their way out on their own). The concept of the attraction is a four-story hospital that had been abandoned. Senritsu Meikyu’s once been nominated as the world’s largest haunted mansion on the Guinness World Record, but now it’s replaced by The Factory of Terror in Canotn, Ohio.

Here is the interior of the haunted mansion.

fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan5 fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan4 fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan3 fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan6 fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan 000cf1bdd0480ec073ff15 fujikyu-highland-shock-labyrinth-senritsu-meikyu-rinkya-japan7



2) Tokyo Joypolis

tokyo-joypolis-rinkya-japan2 tokyo-joypolis-rinkya-japan

This is a theme part located in Odaiba area that has the most haunted mansions within the park. There are 23 attractions that are horror-related, including Sadako 3D, Another -The Door to Death-, the Dark Chapel, Horror Ride, and more.

3) Cursed Teeth -Mitsujugo no Heya-



Directed by renowned haunted house producer Hurofumi Gomi, this is a seasonal attraction that runs only in summer at Tokyo Dome City. The story goes like this. Little girl Emiko had died horribly from a “cursed black teeth” of Mitsu. The visitors must enter the her house and remove the black teeth from the girl’s mouth.





Mr. Gomi produces different seasonal haunted houses every summer. So if you want to experience fresh terror, it’s a good place to go to!

4) Haunted House that Got Canceled for Being Too Scary





Real Abandoned Haunted House Bai Hazard produced by Maikeruti Yamaguchi, a hardcore haunted house specialist, was so horrifying that it only ran for four days at Honancho, Nakano. From outside, it just looks like a regular shop in the building.



Visitors are assigned with a mission to bring a cure to this dead girl. You have to use this syringe to do it.

scariest-haunted-house-rinkya-japan3 scariest-haunted-house-rinkya-japan4

On the left below, it’s hard to see under the dark, but this is the girl you have to give the medication to.


A grotesque bath tub filled with a corpse.


The last and main monster you’ll encounter is this Bai (婆医/old woman doctor?). This creature will run and attack you with a chainsaw.




Yikes! Gives me a goose bump just thinking about it! Bai Hazard was too scary to most locals who were just curious, which caused 74% retirement rate (visitors who couldn’t finish the whole run). The rest of the visitors who managed to pass were only hardcore horror fans.

Maikeruti has also produced several other versions of haunted houses in Nakano, but some of them are really too scary for me to even look at… If you are brave enough, see the assorted images  for Maikeruti’s attraction “Red Heeled Woman.” (I’m too scared to see the page)

5) Haunted House Made by Toei’s Film Artists



The Haunted House in Toei Eigamura is created by professional makeup, sound effect, special effect artists working for Toei Film.



toei-eiga-mura-rinkya-japan4 toei-eiga-mura-rinkya-japan5

6) Kankin Byoutou



Kankin Byoutou (Confinement Hospital) is located is located In Nagasaki’s beautiful European-style park Huis Tenbosch. This haunted house is set in hospital, and is produced by Fuji TV.

confinementward_photo01 kankin-byoutou-rinkya-japan3




These are just a few examples! There will be lots more horror attractions to come during summer!

Image Sources: Japan China Net, Tokyo Joypolis, Time Out Tokyo, Amusement Review, Eonet

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