Sailor Moon News: Sailor Moon Prism Stationery Kaleido Moon Scope from Premium Bandai

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We have great Sailor Moon News! Sailor Moon Prism Stationery Kaleido Moon Scope from Premium Bandai is here! And it rocks! This is a ballpoint pen that can extend itself. You can write with it, do Cosplay, and use it as a pointer! You can extend it up to about 36cm!! You can use it as a ballpoint pen by removing the transparent parts. Or you can use it with the feathers in a similar way like the Kaleidoscope Moon from the movie! Pre-orders are available till items last! It will ship in April 2016. Don’t miss it!


Let’s take a closer look at it together!




When it’s folded, its size is about W65 × H180 × D25mm, but it enlarges till about 36cm when unfolded! Remember that pre-orders are available till items last, and that it ships on April 2016. It’s likely that it will be sold out soon! So be sure to pre-order yours as soon as possible!





It has removable parts (wings) so you can use it for different purposes: as a ballpen, as a pointer, and for cosplay! You can also use it as decoration in your Sailor Moon Shrine. Anything goes :)




Be sure to pre-order it as soon as possible. This is a great Sailor Moon item to have in your collection. Don’t miss it!


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