Sailor Moon Eyeliners to be Released in September!


Premium Bandai and Creer Beaute’s new products from Sailor Moon cosmetic line!
From September 26th, a set of Sailor Moon-themed eyeliners will be available online and various drug stores in Japan. The new lineup includes two liquid eyeliners, one pencil eyeliner, and two colored liquid lamé liners.


From left, Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner Black, Liquid Eyeliner Brown, Pencil Eyeliner White, Colored Liquid Eyeliner Blue, and Colored Liquid Eyeliner Red. Preorders on any of them can be made through your Rinkya Store Order Form! Let’s check them out in details.

Star Power Prism Liquid Eyeliner Black and Brown

sailor-moon-star-power-prism-eyeliner-rinkya-japan2 sailor-moon-star-power-prism-eyeliner-rinkya-japan3

The liquid eyeliners come in black and brown. On the body it features silhouette of Luna the cat. It’s waterproof but is also easy to remove when washed with warm water.

Preorder Star Prism Power Liquid Eyeliner Black buy-now-button
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These two items are $35.00 each, including all Rinkya fees except the cost of international shipping. 

Star Power Prism Cream Pencil Eyeliner White


This item is the only pencil eyeliner being released this time. It gives a nice, pearly white shine like diamonds with an easy-to-control, soft, crayon-like tip.
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This item is $32.00 including all Rinkya fees, except the cost for International Shipping.


Star Power Prism Colored Liquid Lamé Eyeliners Blue and Red

sailor-moon-star-power-prism-eyeliner-rinkya-japan6 sailor-moon-star-power-prism-eyeliner-rinkya-japan7

Featuring Sailor Mercury and Mars, these colored liquid eyeliners contain glitters for extra kawaii! Like the black and brown eyeliners, they are easy to wash off with warm water.

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Preorder Star Power PRism Liquid Lamé Eyeliner Red buy-now-button

These two items are $35.00 each, including all Rinkya fees except the cost of international shipping. 

You can even combine multiple eyeliners to create truly attractive looks! Here is an example of suggested use. For cool and fresh looks….Combine Black Liquid EyelinerBlue Liquid Lamé Eyeliner, and White Pencil Eyeliner.


For warm, elegant looks….Combine Brown Liquid EyelinerRed Liquid Lamé Eyeliner, and White Pencil Eyeliner.


How cute! With these makeups, you can transform into a beautiful Sailor Senshi too!

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