Rinkya Rocks With Jurij G Ricotti Part Two!

Jurij & Chuck Mangione
Have you met any American musicians that you admire on the tour?

Outside of the Tour I had the pleasure in NYC to meet a great American Jazz musician and new friend, Chuck Mangione (“Feels So Good”), and his beautiful wife.
Are you enjoying American audiences, food, women?

I’ve enjoyed the American audiences. They are a lot warmer and open than I had expected. About the food, unfortunately, for Americans I’m Italian ahahahahah. (Editor’s Note: Obviously he did not have Brooklyn Pizza^_^).  But I’ve to say thanks to Chuck Mangione and his wife for taking me to a very nice place in NYC and Tony Renis for an incredible Italian Restaurant in DC.
American Women? Mmmmm who knows…..

How many guitars do you use for each performance?

Generally 6, 2 Les Paul custom, 2 Stratocaster vintage reissue, 2 classical guitars.

Which guitars did you get from Japan thru Rinkya?

 Thru Rinkya I’ve got some Burny Les Paul models, very nice Japanese guitars that I like.

 Are you still able to find the time to add to your Grendizer collection with your busy schedule?

Yes, thanks to the Internet , I can find a couple of minutes in the Hotel before I sleep. I recently won some rare Popy UFO Grendizer toys that I can’t wait to add to my collection when I return home to Roma. But I lost a lot of Yahoo!Japan auctions because of the jet leg, sometimes bad Internet connections, and busy schedule. I forgot about using the Rinkya Auto-Bid System ahahah…

Have you found your “dream” Grendizer toy yet?

No, not yet J

Will you be bringing Il Volo for a tour of Japan in the future?

Yes, of course, probably next year.

Do you have any advice for collectors of Japanese toys and guitars?

Keep buying from Japan. It is the best way to help the Japanese rebuild the country after the terrible tragedy of the Earthquake and Tsunami. The Japanese have given the world so much beauty with their culture and  friendship. It is time for the world to give back and say Thank You, Arigatou, and Grazie mille!

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