Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “muttepou”

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Are you collecting all Rinkya Japanese Flashcards? Then you need this new one! Today we are going to learn about “muttepou.” It literally means to be “without a gun,” so, “unarmed.” It is used when you want to describe that things are being made in a rash way, without giving much thought about them. So, it means “to be reckless,” “to be rash.”

So, let’s imagine someone who doesn’t care much about his/her job. This person would be “muttepou” because he/she would be doing his/her job in a “rash” or “reckless” manner. Or think about a child who has been ordered to tidy his/her room, and is doing it but in a “reckless” way. What situation do you think you could personally apply “muttepou”? Do you know someone who does things in a “muttepou” way?

The word “muttepou” gives us a very funny picture: someone who does not have a gun and cannot defend himself/herself from dangers. And if he/she has to defend himself/herself he/she has to do it in a “rash” manner. So, I guess, the idea comes from here.

How many Rinkya Japanese Flashcards have you collected so far? Which is your favorite one? Why? “Muttepou” is a great candidate to become one of my favorites.

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