Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “jigajisan”

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How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards have you collected so far? We hope that all of them! Today we are going to learn what “jigajisan” means. We have two kanjis that repeat themselves into the word: “ji.” It means “oneself.” So, we know that it talks about “me” and “me” in a way. It means to praise one’s adventures, to be talking about oneself all the time. It is quite annoying really. If someone is always talking about himself/herself it ends up being a quite boring monologue. In those cases you can use “jigajisan,” but if you say so to the person who is like that, well… that person might get angry! So, be careful when using this word.

Which are your favorite Rinkya Japanese flashcards? How many of them can you remember by heart?

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