Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “en no shitano chikara mochi”

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Today we are going to learn a good proverb that I like a lot: “en no shitano chikara mochi.” It means that “under the floor there is someone with strength.” It might seem a funny picture, to have someone standing down the floor and being like Hercules for another one who is giving the face for the work. But in fact, it means to work without needing recognition.

It also points out of those who are working now but behind there is someone giving them support who is totally unseen. For example, a student who is making great efforts to pass the entrance exam for a famous University in Japan. His/her parents would be the supporters that aren’t seen behind. In order for him/her be able to study a lot, needs the support of his/her family, emotionally and economically. This usually happens within families, but it can also happen when you are supported by friends.

In the world of work, this means that you have an employee who is working a lot but really does not need public recognition. So, sometimes you might have someone taking all the credit but the actual effort of the project was done by someone else, in the shadows (en no shitano). It might also point to someone who is working in the shadows and doesn’t care about recognition: he/she only wants the job done.

So far, how many Rinkya Japanese flashcards do you have? How many of the phrases are you able to use on a daily basis? What do you think about this one? Will you use it at work? When studying hard for something? Or trying to acknowledge that someone was supporting you in the shadows?

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