Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “chototsu moushin”

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Are you collecting all Rinkya Japanese flashcards?? Good! Today we are going to learn about “chototsu moushin.” It means to do something in a rush manner without giving it much thought, to do things recklessly and quickly. Imagine that you have to prepare a report for your classes at University, and you wait doing nothing till the very last moment. Then you rush and do your report without giving much thought about it. In that case, you can apply “chototsu moushin.” You can also apply this in daily situations, not only in the academic field. Can you think about any situation in which you could apply “chototsu moushin”?

How many Rinkya Japanese flashcards have you collected so far? From the ones you have, which is your favorite one? Can you remember every single one of them?

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