Rebuild a sushi back to fish! Bandai’s New “Sushi Replay” Capsule Toys



Bandai’s new capsule toy “Replay Sushi Modoru” lets you break sushi down in pieces and rebuild its original form!

“Sushi Modoru” is available in 5 types: maguro (tuna), ikura (salmon roe), ika (squid), cucumber roll, and tamago (egg). Each toy can transform between sushi and its original form.


sushi-maguro-motomodoru-bandai-rinkya-japan3 sushi-maguro-motomodoru-bandai-rinkya-japan4 sushi-maguro-motomodoru-bandai-rinkya-japan5




You can check out the videos showing how they change their shapes at Bandai’s official website.

The capsule toys “Replay Sushi Modoru” will be available at gashapon vending machines starting January 22nd, 2014 for 200 yen each.


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