RARE! Pokemon Zukan 2004 Campaign Prize: 1/40-scale Wailord Figure

Like Pokemon? We have a rare Pokemon toy for auction today!

Pokemon Rittai Zukan is a series of Pokemon figures sold through gachapon vending machines in Japan since 2003. There was a special campaign in 2004 where you can use tickets that came along with these figures to enter a lottery to win this awesome, giant Wailord toy!

pokemonwailord-plush2 pokemonwailord-plush3



This Wailord is made in 1/40-scale size, measuring 38 x 19 x 16 cm (approximately 15 x 7.5 x 6.3 inch). Since it was a prize for a limited-time campaign, you won’t find them in regular trade. Presence of this adorable figure will brighten up your room for sure!

We have a couple of buying options here.

Bid on brand new Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord, unused.

BId on USED, PRE-OWNED Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord.

And even after the above auctions are over, keep checking on this link to follow all listing of the same product!

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