Pretty Cure Bananas Released! Total of 36 Pretty Cure girls are on bananas

Fruits company “Chiquita” released special sets of bananas in collaboration with upcoming movie “Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3,” which will be in theaters on March 15th.
There are different levels of sweetness to bananas.




“Pretty Cure Bananas” are the most basic bananas. These bananas were made at zero-meter height (ground level). As the height of the banana farm increases, so does the sweetness. “Pretty Cure Bananas” have stickers of Cure Lovely and Cure Heart.



“Chiquita Precious Pretty Cure Dolce Bananas” were grown in 600-800 meters above ground. These bananas are much sweeter and rich in flavor. Also they have more characters on the stickers.


Inside the package, where you can’t see from outside, one of the bananas has a sticker with a randomly selected character from 36 Pretty Cures. You don’t know which one you’ll get until you open the package!

Here are all the possible stickers you can get.

chiquita-pretty-cure-bananas-rinkya-japan4 chiquita-pretty-cure-bananas-rinkya-japan5 chiquita-pretty-cure-bananas-rinkya-japan6


It’s kind of odd to have a bunch of pictures of young girls on bananas, but hey, that’s just Japan.


Image source: Chiquita

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