Niconico Douga’s annual event will serve Nausicaä’s “Ohmu” Rice and Alpaca Curry

Niconico Choukaigi 3, a big annual fan event hosted by Niconico Douga, will be held on April 26-27th this year. Each year the event’s food court offers dishes representing popular contents from Niconico Douga. This year, its food menu has greatly improved from previous years in both quality and appearance, including Nausicaä’s “Ohmu” Rice and Alpaca curry.



Ohmu is a giant insect that appears in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.



Last year’s “Ohmu” Rice (a pun on word on Japanese dish “omurice” and “Ohmu”) was kind of mediocre, amateurish in its quality (on the left), but this year’s “Ohmu” Rice is way more advanced (on the right) in terms of taste, ingredients, and appearance.

mmi_nicofood_03 mmi_nicofood_04




Kind of creepy looking, but supposedly it tastes good! The omelette is colored with squid ink, and the inside is chicken rice.

Also on the menu is “Alpacurry” (combination of “Alpaca” and “curry”). It is green spinach curry with white rice shaped like a cute alpaca. Great for kids!





Other dishes include Televi-chan udon and cheese gyudon, featuring cute mascot of Niconico Douga.

nico-udon-rinkya-japan niko-gyudon-rinkya-japan

Manga Niku (meat on bone that typically appears in manga) is a hearty meal that satisfies your taste buds and eyes.

manga-niku-rinkya-japan2 manga-niku-rinkya-japan

If you’d like to try any of these, get tickets to Niconico Chokaigi 3 through the official website!


Image source: MyNavi, Netlab

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