New Protein Named After Pokemon Character!

I thought Pokemon madness had died down, but apparently not.

Researchers in Osaka Japan have identified a new protein, believed to control the efficiency of our kinetic vision. In layman’s terms, the speed at which visual information is sent to the brain.

Our friend Pikachu from Pokemon, is known for his rapid movements, hence the name of the protein- Pikachurin.

And the best news? Study of this protein, may lead to treatments in retinitis pigmentosa- a genetic eye condition that usually leads to blindness. (Thanks, wikipedia!)

Pokemon on YJ

News Link Via ANN

  • Adri Leya

    hi rinkya! you’ve been nominated (by myself) on the blogger’s choice awards for best pop culture blog! you should spread the word to get more votes!! :-)

    go to and vote!

    can you tell i’m a huge fan?

    adri leya

  • Laurel

    Thank you Adri Leya!!
    I will start spreading the word soon, thank you so much for reading and nominating the blog!

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