Neo Blythe Dolls: Neo Blythe Hollywood and Rosie Red

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Today we are going to talk about two wonderful and cute Neo Blythe Dolls: Neo Blythe Hollywood and Neo Blythe Rosie Red. Both were released in 2001. First, Hollywood, and then Rosie Red. Both are really stylish and cute. Rosie Red is specially sexy, her skirt lets you see through, and you can see her legs! Really stylish!

Dolls produced in 2001 are hard to find. However we have a Neo Blythe Rosie Red! You can find her here & bid for her:

I personally like both Blythes: Hollywood and Rosie Red. But perhaps, it is Rosie Red the one who would make days more colorful. She is really sexy! I like her clothing the best. Also, her make up is a perfect match for her fashion style. She is a rock star. Hollywood, however, is more a lady, a stylish doll who would enchant your days.

Note that Rosie Red was re-released on 2006 with a new face mold. The 2001 version had matte skin. The 2006 has a mature look, compared to the 2001 version. She also has a fur jacket, a pair of stockings and other items that the 2001 did not have.

How many Blythes do you own? When did you start being a fan? Let us know in comments!

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