More Ridiculously Expensive Fruits From Japan!

Fruit can be VERY expensive in Japan, we have shown you 1K grapes, $200 watermelons (but they ARE square) and melons for $5500.
With these numbers, this lone strawberry may seem cheap.

Beautiful Princess strawberries are a jumbo variety and considered a special treat !
The above one is currently on sale for the low price of 10740 yen (including shipping), the strawberry is 3 times the size of a normal strawberry,  and 80 grams of sugar sweetness- only 50 boxed sets will be sold.
Will it be a popular Valentine’s Day gift in Japan?  I would spend my $135 elsewhere…

  • Anonymous

    My personal favorite was the $8.00 peach in the Tokyo Supermarket^_^ But I will say I had some of the best ever grapes from Japanese Wine Country.

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