Miniature Doll House Traditional Japanese Tatami Room



Ever wanted to live in a traditional Japanese tatami room? Well, we can’t sell an apartment or house from YJ Auction, but we can get you a miniature tatami room for your dolls!
This is an auction listing for a handmade Japanese tatami doll house, measuring 41cm (width) x 26 cm (depth) x 28cm (height).

The interior is extremely detailed, including all kinds of furniture pieces, appliances, clothiand food.

doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan5 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan


You can actually control the lighting in the room. Electrical wirings are all connected from behind the doll house, and you can turn it on and off by a switch. Light is powered by two AA batteries.



doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan2 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan3 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan4 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan6 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan7 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan8 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan9 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan10 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan12 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan13 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan14 doll-house-japanese-tatami-room-rinkya-japan15


All the little props are glued on, but large furniture pieces are movable.
It looks so comfortable, I’d want to live here myself!

This auction ends on November 3rd, 2013 at 6:13 in PDT.

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