Manekineko Cookies from Fauchon Eclair!

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Manekineko cookies from Fauchon Eclair are super cute! As you know Manekinekos are kitties that bring good luck in Japan. They have one pow up and move it to bring good luck to their owners. They can be usually found in shops and restaurants all over Japan. During New Year you can also see many Manekineko-themed products. Faucho Paris has decided to enrol the Manekineko train and create cute Manekineko cookies to wish you good luck during 2016. Fauchon released these cookies on December 26 and will be out till they sell out. You can find them for 648 yen including the tax.

Fauchon also did something similar last year. Wishing “bonne chance” in French, which translates to good luck, the company wants you to have a blast during next year. These biscuits are super yummy and creamy. They are also finished with sweet sake! They measure about 13 cm each and weight around 60grams.

Don’t miss the opportunity to eat them if you are spending New Year in Japan! Remember, all Manekinekos that you find around you are calling the good luck home!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

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