Mameshiba Cafe to Open in Tokyo this Summer

From August 1st to 31st, a cafe restaurant featuring popular Japanese merchandise franchise Mameshiba will appear in shopping mall Lumine Yurakucho, Tokyo, for limited time. The cafe will be offering a variety of dishes and desserts based on adorable Mameshiba characters.

mameshiba cafe sweets

Mameshiba Matcha Green Tea and Nerikiri mochi set.

The themed cafe will open inside IshibeKouji Mamecha restaurant on 8th floor of Lumine Yurakucho.

Mameshiba Cafe Sweets

Mameshiba ice cream monaka wafers

Mameshiba Cafe

Mameshiba Lunch Set

Mameshiba Cafe

Mameshiba Matcha Latte

Mameshiba Cafe

Royal Pink Iced Tea

Mameshiba Cafe

Princess Macaroon

Aren’t they adorable? Inside the cafe will also be decorated with Mameshiba cushions and stuffed animals. It’d be a perfect place to relax and enjoy cute Mameshiba characters!

[Cafe Information]
Kyoto Ishibekoji Mamecha
Address: 〒100-0006 LUMINE Yurakucho 8F, 2−5−1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6267-4775

Image source: Netlab

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