Limited Edition SDGr Creamy Mami Super Dollfie

So we’ve already mentioned that Creamy Mami’s celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in our previous blog post. To promote the anniversary, I expect more Creamy Mami merchandise and events to show up this year! I’m happy to hear that Creamy Mami will have an exhibition booth at Tokyo Anime Festival coming up this March 21st-24th, and there will be a special mini concert by Takako Ota, the seiyuu for Creamy Mami and singer for Delicate ni Kiss site on 24th.

Meanwhile, at Dolls Party 28 that was held earlier in January, Volks made special limited-edition Creamy Mami Super Dollfie.

Look at how beautiful and elegant she looks! My eyes were instantly glued to the picture, so pretty ♥

She is a



True idol, isn’t she?


Let’s celebrate Creamy Mami’s anniversary with her gorgeous Super Dollfie!
Here’s a list of limited edition SDGr Creamy Mami Superdollfies for auction. Bid Now!
There aren’t many of them around! :)

This particular auction sells a brand new, unopened, beautiful condition Creamy Mami Super Dollfie, if you want to be sure about its condition. And this is from a very reliable seller too.

For all Creamy Mami item listing, check here.

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