Limited Cinnabon “Blueberry Crumble Mini Bon”

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Be happy! The limited Cinnabon “Blueberry Crumble Mini Bon” is here! This cinnamon roll comes from the shop Cinnabon and it is to be released in September 1, and will sell till October 31. This limited cinnamon roll will sell for 380 yen including tax.

It’s a super yummy Cinnabon “Blueberry Crumble Mini Bon” topped with blueberry sauce and cream cheese frosting as toppings. You can also buy a pack with 6 pieces for 1750 yen or a pack with 3 pieces for 1060 yen (all including tax).

Don’t miss this opportunity to taste this limited Cinnabon “Blueberry Crumble Mini Bon” if you’re in Japan. It’s limited, it’s super yummy and it’s also a delight!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

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