Let’s Take a First Look at Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a first look at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new home gaming system. After months in the dark with tons of speculation about what Nintendo would do, we’re now able to see this wonderful preview. This new home console hybrid is amazing: it’s like a PlayStation Vita, but it also is like a tablet! You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, but you can use it as a mobile console wherever you are. The console seems to include a tablet with docks for experiencing it as a traditional console and a new ultimate experience.

Since it has detachable controller modules, the console can be used by two people when outside home (or more if other people have another Nintendo Switch). The tablet also supports cartridges, so it seems that it will have a DS games feelings as well. But, we’ll need more information from Nintendo in the future. Will all games come in cartridges? Or, downloading will also be an option?

We also don’t know how long the battery will last. But it seems to be quite a lot since it’s also a portable console. Despite not knowing everything, Nintendo Switch looks amazing! (Take a look at the video above and get amazed!)

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More news are coming soon: on March 2017 Nintendo Switch will be launched! In the meantime, we can think all about this amazing new console! What games would you like to see on this console? What features do you think it will have? How expensive do you think it will be?

Let us know in comments!

Source: Nintendo
Image source: Nintendo

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