Know all about Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)

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Did you know that you can safe tons of money with Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)? You save money by bidding against Rinkya bidders.

Rinkya Community bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members) function exactly like normal bids, except that a different pricing strategy is adopted for any amounts above the final Yahoo Japan price.

Up until the price the item is won at on YJ, all normal pricing rules apply (with the exception that no sales are applied). For the amount between the Rinkya won price, and the YJ won price, a much cheaper exchange rate of 250 is used. Meaning you pay $1 for every 250 yen that the price is over the Yahoo Japan price.

For example (assuming an exchange rate of 100 yen):

In a normal bid, you’d win an item for 20000 yen ($200), and pay $35 in commission. For a total of $235.

rinkya, japan, from japan

In an internal bid, where the auction ends at 15000 on Yahoo Japan, but Rinkya bidders continue until 20000 yen, the cost for the final 5000 yen is calculated at exchange rate 250, so you pay only $150 (15000 at exchange rate 100) + $20 (5000 at exchange rate 250), and $35 in commission. For a total of $205.

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