Kimonos for Blythe Dolls



Looking for kimonos for your Blythe dolls? Rinkya is the place to find!
Here is a couple of kimonos made specifically for Blythe and Midi Blythe.

1) Ohikizuri Wedding Kimono for Blythe

Ohikizuri is a type of kimono characterized by its long skirt. It used to be a formal wedding dress for samurai families during Edo period. In present day, ohikizuri is a popular choice for secondary wedding dress (usually for receptions). This is a miniature version of ohikizuri specially made to fit Blythe doll. Very pretty!

blythe-kimono-ohikizuri-rinkya-japan2 blythe-kimono-ohikizuri-rinkya-japan3 blythe-kimono-ohikizuri-rinkya-japan4 blythe-kimono-ohikizuri-rinkya-japan blythe-kimono-ohikizuri-rinkya-japan5

Starting Bid: 3000 yen
This auction ends at 5:23 on January 22, 2014 in PST.




2) White Furisode for Midi Blythe

This is a furisode specially made to fit Midi Blythe. Furisode is characterized by its long sleeves. It is the most formal kimono for unmarried women.

midi-blythe-kimono-rinkya-japan2 midi-blythe-kimono-rinkya-japan midi-blythe-kimono-rinkya-japan3 midi-blythe-kimono-rinkya-japan4


Getas (footwear) are not included in the set.

Starting Bid: 3000 yen
This auction ends at 5:43 on January 22, 2014 in PST.




Neither of the above items has getas (footwear) in the set.
There is a seller on YJ Auction who specializes in selling Blythe-sized getas. You may be able to find the ones that match your kimonos!

blythe-kimono-geta-rinkya-japan blythe-geta-rinkya-japan2 blythe-geta-rinkya-japan3 blythe-geta-rinkya-japan4 blythe-geta-rinkya-japan5



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