Japan’s Newest Exclusive Pepsi Flavor Review- Mont Blanc

The newest exclusive Pepsi to hit the Japan market is Mont Blanc, released October 25th for a limited time.

“Mont Blanc” is a popular dessert item in Japan, it could be a tart or a cake and made of puréed chestnuts and whip cream (wikipedia)-
Pocky, the delicious chocolate stick candy, even released a limited edition dessert Mont blanc Pocky special- (yummy!)
So does the newest Pepsi drink live up to the scrumptious dessert?
It is a mixed bag of reviews, but one thing can be agreed on, it did not remind them of the Mont Blanc dessert.

The Rinkya Japan Crew Comments:

Michele: SUKI (Like) – Not too sweet, very good, but not like the mont blanc dessert.
Suzuki: Oishii (Good) – Tastes like Caramel, oishii!
Hiro: What were they thinking?
Tate: The original Pepsi is much better.
Scott: I did not enjoy it, it reminded me of an espresso, so if you like espresso, go for it!
Heather: It tastes like Pepsi but with a chestnut or caramel flavor, and VERY sweet. The chestnut flavor I can still taste, so they got that part of the dessert correct. The dessert is not as sweet as this soda though.
  • http://news.3yen.com/2010-10-28/hello-kitty-invasion-force-hit-the-usa/ Taro 3Yen

    I gathered up my strength and bought some at the convenience store around the corner from my house.

    Just took a swig.

    Well, it tastes just as advertised–It comes across just like wet carbonated sweet pastry filled with chestnut.

    Do I want to drink a carbonated sweet chestnut pastry?


    Would you want to drink a sweet chestnut pastry?

    Doubt it.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15822035989445627760 Laurel

    LOL, since I am in US, I never try any of them, just make our ship staff do it for all of us to read, haha =)

    Although they love it if I suggest a pizza post 😉

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