Japan Word of the Day #91 – Okawari (second helping) and Kaedama


Today’s Word is: Okawari (おかわり) and Kaedama

In Japan, the phrase used to ask for refill or second helping is okawari(おかわり).”
You can use it for both beverages and food.
To be polite to servers, you’d generally want to add “onegai shimasu,” or “–wo kudasai” at the end of the phrase, in which both means “please.”

In ramen shops, there are special refills called kaedama (替玉).”
Kaedama is used to request refill for the noodle only.
So if you finish the noodle first, and plenty of broth is still in the bowl, you can just add another serving of noodle, which makes it better deal than ordering a whole another bowl of ramen. (Most kaedama is priced around 100-150 yen)


Image source: Nicovideo, Tabelog

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