Japan Word of the Day #72 – Golden Week


Today’s Word is: Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク)

Golden Week is a season between late April and May where several holidays of Japan are clustered together. Originally, it only referred to holidays between May 3rd to 5th, but when holidays land on weekends, the next business day will instead be a holiday. As a result, day-offs could last as long as a week.

Here is a list of holidays taking pace during Golden Week.

  • April 29th: Shōwa Day (Honors Shōwa Emperor’s Birthday)
  • May 3rd: Constitution Memorial Day
  • May 4th: Greenery Day
  • May 5th: Children’s Day

Golden Week makes one of the busiest seasons in Japan for traveling and sightseeing. It is said that the number of travelers in this period is comparable to that of New Year and Obon. Many people take advantage of the holidays to travel abroad too. Hotels, transportation, and tourist site slots in Japan sell out very quickly, so do plan ahead if you’re visiting Japan at this time!

Image source: Madame Riri


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