Japan Word of the Day #55 – Mac or Macdo?


Today’s Word is: Mac/Macdo (マック/マクド)

 McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in Japan. It continually generates the highest revenue among all fast food chains, taking up 60% of the market share in hamburger restaurant industry.

However, there’s always been a controversy in Japan over whether one should call McDonald’s “Mac (マック)” or “Macdo(マクド)” for short. In general, Kanto area (east side of Japan, including Tokyo) tends to call it “Mac,” and Kansai area (west side of Japan) tends to call it “Macdo.”

Recent online research showed the area colored with green in the diagram below has tendency to call it Mac. The orange area, “Macdo,” and the yellow area is both.



Whatever you call it, McDonald’s in Japan has great food with lots of limited edition/seasonal menu. You should try some when you visit Japan!

Image source: Wifri

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