Japan Word of the Day #44 – Kanningu (cheating on a test)


Today’s Word is: Kanninngu (kan/nin/gu カンニング)

Kanningu is an act of cheating while you are taking a test. It originates from a Japanese pronunciation of English word “cunning.”
Although someone who cheats on a test might be a cunning person, it does not work as a verb or a noun in English. In Japanese, it’s not a description of a person, but rather, an act of cheating itself.

There are several ways to do kannningu. One might do so by bringing “kanningu paper,” which is simply a piece of paper with answers to a test. Or recent generation of students could use cellphones to check on answers.
Either way, cheating is a serious violation of school rules in Japan, just like other countries. Let’s not try to do it!

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