Japan Word of the Day #44 – Chien Shoumeisho (Delay Certificate)

Today’s Word is: Chien Shoumeisho (遅延証明書)

This is an unique practice formed in a society where trains and buses rarely get delayed or changed from preset schedules. Because of how unlikely it is for a train to be late, employees of businesses are expected to come work on time too. No excuse.
However, sometimes accidents and natural disaster do happen, and trains could be late. That’s when a “chien shoumeisho” or a delay certificate is issued by railway companies at your request. It clearly states on which date how many minutes a train was delayed. You can bring this piece of paper to your work and prove that the reason for being late is legit.

Below is an example of a delay certificate issued by Odakyu railway. Nowadays you can download an electronic version of the certificate from railways’ websites too, which makes things even easier.



If you ever need to prove your reason for delay, it comes in handy!


Image source: Station Master

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