Japan Word of the Day #24 – Depachika (this is where you find some of the greatest sweets)


Today’s Word is: Depachika (デパ地下)

Depachika is a combination word of “depāto (=Department Store)” and “chika (=basement, undergroudn).” In Japan, basement of department stores are usually dedicated to food products. However, don’t underestimate it just because it’s part of the mall. It is one of the most popular places for OL (office ladies) and housewives to go and buy trendy sweets.


Depachika sells all kind of food from sweets, pickles, specialty gifts, fresh produce, tea, coffee, etc. It’s been always a popular spot, but since around 2000, more and more trendy sweets shops start to be there, making depachika an unique market that appeals to female customers. The way they display their products are very pretty and clean too :)

Image source: Rakuten Blog, Depachika

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