Introducing Japanese Band Volume 3- Tokyo Jihen

Members are Toshiki Hata (Drums), Ukigumo (Guitar), Seiji Kameda(Bass), Ringo Shiina(Vocal), and Ichiyou Ito (Keyboard). (Left to right.)

United in 2004. The members of 2003 Shiina Ringo solo tour have become the band “Tokyo Jihen”, and started their career.

It is hard to pinpoint one sound or genre from the band- they play a variety- grunge, pop music, jazz, dance music, and so on. One of the reasons there is such a variety is the songs are made by each member and I think those varieties of music are made one by being sung by Shiina Ringo’s very impressive vocal.

My favorite songs after the jump!

Killer Tune” 3rd album “Goraku”. It is kind of a jazz style, and it can make me want to dance.

3 Active Minutes” from 4th album “Sports”. This is a dance number, and it can make me want to move my body.

Try it!

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