Happy Bento Friday: Evangelion Ayanami Rei

Happy Friday!

Today’s bento is Rei Ayanami from Evangelion!

Bento Source: Keroyon

Do you want to know the secret in how to make such an intricate pattern?
Keroyon, the bento artist who made this Ayanami bento, invented a kit called “Kyaraben Oblaat” to help you make detailed bento art easily.

Oblaat (オブラート) is a thin layer of edible starch used to wrap candies and medicine in Japan. It usually look like this for medicinal use. You wrap your medicine (in powder form) in a sheet or oblaat, so you don’t have to taste it, but it dissolves in contact with water and high heat.  oblaat-rinkya-japan


Keroyon actually repurposed oblaat into making bento art. She uses a large sheet of oblaat, which she calls “Kyaraben Sheet,” and place nori seaweed on top of it.


Due to static electricity caused by oblaat, seaweed is easily fixated on a transparent layer. Then you can actually draw and color directly on it with food coloring and a brush, just like normal paintings! What a brilliant idea. Then, all you have to do is use wet paper towel to pat on the surface, dissolving the transparent oblaat. In the bento here, she transferred the food coloring and fixated nori on a steamed “hanpen” (fish cake).


After the oblaat dissolved, all that’s left is your nori and food coloring.
Keroyon used to sell Kyaraben Sheet in a package like this.


However, it seems to be sold out now.
You can still use regular oblaat to substitute for it though.
Once you paint on a piece of oblaat, you can dry it, keep it flat in a clear folder and store it for up to a month. So you can make a stock of them and use it whenever you want.

This person made a Pretty Cure kyara sheet using a regular oblaat sold in drug stores.



Get some oblaat on YJ Auction or any Japanese drug stores online (Amazon Japan, etc) and make an order through Rinkya Store!

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