Happy 7th Anniversary PS3! Check out 10 Coolest Custom PlayStation 3 Mods


Are you excited for SONY’s PlayStation 4 coming out this week (for European countries, November 29th)? While PS4 is ready to hit the stores, PlayStation 3 marks its 7th anniversary today.
To celebrate this beautiful console loved by so many for so long, we’ve gathered 10 coolest PS3 mods to share with you!

1) Bioshock Infinite Themed PS3 by Jriquelme Mods

bio-shock-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan bio-shock-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan2 bio-shock-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan3


Jriquelme does some of the most amazing jobs in customizing PS3. Your factory-model PS3’s got so much more potential than just being used as a game console.

2) Borderlands Themed PS3 by Jriquelme

borderlands-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan borderlands-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan2



3) Metal Gear Rising Themed PS3 by Jriqueleme

metal-gear-rising-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan2 metal-gear-rising-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan



4) Rainbow Six Vegas Themed PS3 by Butterkneter

rainbow-six-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan rainbow-six-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan2 rainbow-six-custom-ps3-rinkya-japan3


This console was built by a German mod studio Butterkneter for special Ubisoft promotion.


5) Metal Gear Solid 4 Themed PS3 Signed by Kojima





This gorgeous Metal Gear Solid 4-themed PS3 was built by Morpheon Mods and is actually signed by Hideo Kojima himself. The console sold for $17,100 on ebay.

6) Steampunk PS3 by Gipsy Thief

steam-punk-ps3-rinkya-japan steam-punk-ps3-rinkya-japan2 steam-punk-ps3-rinkya-japan3


The Gipsy Thief Studios custom built this full steampunk PS3 with beautiful black walnut woodwork and functional lights.

7) Far Cry 2 Themed PS3 by Butterkneter


This is another fantastic PS3 mod built by Far Cry 2 by Butterkneter for special Ubisoft promotion. Its design is so synchronized with the game’s mood it’s hard to believe this object can actually function as a gaming device.

far-cry-2-custom-mod-ps3-rinkya-japan3 far-cry-2-custom-mod-ps3-rinkya-japan4







8) Damnation Themed Steampunk PS3 by Maduncle


Maduncle created this steampunk PS3 mod to celebrate the launch of PC-game Damnation.


9) Alien Themed PS3

alien-mod-ps3-rinkya-japan2 alien-mod-ps3-rinkya-japan alien-mod-ps3-rinkya-japan3


An eerie but extremely detailed Alien themed custom built PS3 by GivinTats.


10) At last…. a George Foreman-Style BBQ Grill PS3


Well, this one is technically not a PS3 mod, because it no longer works as a gaming console…but it’s a PS3 turned into an actual functioning BBQ grill!



See, even if your PS3 stops working, it still has some use!
Happy 7th anniversary PlayStation 3!

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