Hanami Bento Friday – Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and Dragon Ball



Cherry blossoms bloom, and hanami seasons have already started in several areas of Japan!
Bento artists can show off their bento creativity and talents to entertain their friends and family while appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms.
The photo shown above is bentos created by Mihhon and her friend Ikkun Mama for hanami purpose. Pokemon, Kiironotori from Rilakkuma, Trunks from Dragon Ball, and Hello Kitty… I think it’s cool that they each made one bento appealing to girls and the other bento to boys (I don’t mean to be sexist by the way, of course both girls and boys can eat and like whichever bentos they want!).
I hope you get to see some pretty flowers too as spring visits your town!

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