Halloween in Japan: Miniwan Halloween Limited Ed. Pumpkin Cream Bat

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Halloween in Japan rocks! Miniwan Halloween Limited Ed. Pumpkin Cream Bat it’s spooky-cute. The bakery brand Miniwan, famous for their mini croissants, is releasing a super cute Pumpkin Bat for Halloween. This limited bat will be part of the Halloween Box that will be sold from October 1 to 31. This spooky-cute Pumpkin Bat sweet is perfect for this Halloween. Don’t miss it if you’re in Japan!

The Pumpkin Bat is grilled and has all the sweetness of pumpkins. It contains smooth cream made from Hokkaido pumpkins. Sweet, spooky and smooth, this is the perfect desert for October. Plus, the Pumpkin flavor is amazing. It will sell for 280yen.

The Halloween Box is also a limited item and it will contain Miniwan’s popular mini-croissants and a Pumpkin Bat. In total, it will have 7 pieces. You can also ask a different Box set with mini-croissants and mini chocolate croissants (8 pieces). These boxes will sell for 600 yen.

If you’re travelling around Japan, remember to give this limited edition Pumpkin Bat a try. It’s sweet, cute, and spooky! If you’re celebrating Halloween in Japan, remember that pumpkin sweets are a hit. Japanese are great for super spooky-cute sweets. Don’t miss this one!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

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