Glico and Hatsune Miku Collaboration is super sweet!

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Glico and Hatsune Miku Collaboration is super sweet! Almond Peak will have a special guest: singer Hatsune miku. Almond Peak has a clear crisp taste and it will come along with Hatsune Miku on the package and also with a small card inside as a present. It’ll be release on May 31 (price is open). This is a summer limited package featuring Hatsune Miku. Each box will come with on AR card. There are seven in total to collect. If you love Hatsune Miku, you’re going to love this new sweet chocolate from Glico and the super cool card that comes along with the package. The best part of the summer is going to be listening to Hatsune Miku’s songs while tasting this gorgeous chocolate! Don’t miss this opportunity to have a different taste and enjoying the best vocaloid ever!

Remember: Glico and Hatsune Miku Almond Peak starts selling this May 31 for a limited time only (during summer). Each pack has a special card to collect. In total there are seven.

If you are not in Japan but would love to taste them, contact us and we’ll help you!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

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