Giant Doraemon Ride, Time Machine Adventure, and Doraemon Illuminating Gnome!

Do you like Doraemon?

Doraemon’s latest movie Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum premiered on March 9th. It was reported yesterday to have brought in box office total of 4 billion yen! What a success! Doraemon’s popularlity seems to never end.

For Doraemon lovers, we have some interesting Doraemon items for auction today. Let’s check them out!

*There could be extra charge estimated about $2000 for oversized shipping if you won the following items, and you can’t cancel or refund once you won, so make sure to use caution!

Giant Doraemon



This is an attraction ride for children that you can get inside Doraemon and control  Doraemon (in a rotating movement) while playing a fun interactive game on the screen, voiced by original Doraemon seiyuu Oyama Nobuyo. Usually, you have to grab a card that comes out to start the game, but for this particular item, the automatic card vendor is not working. So you have to start it manually by taking the card by hand, but otherwise everything else is functioning fine.
Dimension: 200cm x 140cm x 140cm.
It comes with 100 cards for starting the games.

Bid on Giant Doraemon at YJ auction!


Doraemon Time Machine Adventure

doraemontimemachine doraemontimemachine2

This is so cool! I want have it in my yard, it’d be so much fun inviting friends for a ride! 😀
This Doraemon ride takes you to an adventure through time. Whoohoo!
You can either choose “past” or “present” as destinations at the beginning, and that affects the gameplay on the screen. Its voice tape is not working, so unfortunately it can’t talk to you. But you can still play with it.
Dimension: 125cm x 78 cm x 140cm.

 Bid on Doraemon Time Machine Adventure.

You can check out this blog to see more information on the games.

Don’t have enough space for a ride at home?
Here’s a really cute something for you.

How about vintage 80s Doraemon X’mas light?

doraemonxmas doramonxmas

It kind of makes me think of a yard gnome with that pointy hat. With his cheery smile, it would certainly light up your house and yard during Christmast season!
Dimension: H62cm x W36cm.

Bid on Doraemon X’mas Light on YJ auction.


For more choices, check out more Doraemon items on Yahoo Japan auction.

Have fun!

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